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The all-weather office: Workplace design for a changing climate
As summers get hotter, and winters get colder, the demand for the ‘all-weather office’ rises. Workspaces must provide cooling...
Colour in the workplace: Choosing the right colour for your office
Choosing the right colours for your office or interior can be a challenge. When faced with swaddles of swatches...
‘Sick note culture’ – how workplace design can improve employee mental health
Reducing mental health-related absences starts with workplace design that supports employee mental health. Last month, we addressed how workplace...
How workplace design can support employee fitness goals
As we arrive into the fourth month of 2024, how many among us can declare their New Years’ Resolutions...
The power of employee sentiment in workplace design
Boost productivity with a workplace that employees value Join us as we explore employee sentiment, what today’s employees are...
5 Benefits of Biophilic Design
Benefits of Biophilic Design – February 2024 February is the month of love, with the widely celebrated Valentine’s...
Our Top 5 Workplace Trends for 2024
2023 was a year of substantial changes for the workplace, and 2024 seems set for much of the same...
Focus spaces in the modern office
In today’s fast-paced and dynamic work environment, productivity is the key to success. Employers and employees alike are constantly...
Democratic Design in the Workplace
In recent years, the concept of democratic design has gained traction in various industries, including architecture, and urban planning....
How AI Will Revolutionise Future Office Design
The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has already started transforming various industries, revolutionising traditional work practices. One...
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