Silen Acoustic Hubs

Offering visual and acoustic privacy solutions, our Silen acoustic hubs are inspirational spaces which provide anything from a designated shelter for employees to escape from the busy work environment, to a space for one-to-one chats, or a meeting place for working groups. Creating spaces with endless functionality, Silen hubs are also perfect dividers for work and relaxation areas, and you can just activate the wheels and roll your private space easily wherever you’re in the mood.

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There are 5 products in this range All dimensions are in millimeters
Silen Acoustic Hub Space 1
  • Overall Width1100
  • Overall Depth1100
  • Overall Height2290
Silen Acoustic Hub Space 2
  • Overall Width1220
  • Overall Depth2400
  • Overall Height2290
Silen Acoustic Hub Space 4
  • Overall Width2420
  • Overall Depth2400
  • Overall Height2290
Silen Acoustic Hub Space Max
  • Overall Width2400
  • Overall Depth2420
  • Overall Height2290
Silen Acoustic Hub Space 1.5
  • Overall Width1450
  • Overall Depth1010
  • Overall Height2290
  • Easy to assemble and easy to move with hidden castors
  • Excellent sound absorbing qualities up to 40db quieter inside
  • Air circulation system with 25-30% more air flow than most competitors
  • Different colour configurations with over 30 finish options
  • 5 years Warranty

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