A fully equipped office lounge area

An office space is often at the heart of any business culture. It creates increased collaboration for meetings and group working, enhances relationship building across colleagues and helps with training and development opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home for well over a year now, but that doesn’t mean that the office era is over yet. The role that the office plays in worker’s lives is changing, and it seems natural that the layout of the place should change with it.

Being in the office allows employees to connect with people they may not interact with daily. These spontaneous conversations in the lounge area over coffee or while passing in a corridor are hugely valuable. These moments can provide people with context about the business, sounding board advice, new ideas, collaboration opportunities, plus learnings and insights in ‘how to get things done’ within the business.

Offices of the future need to become hubs for collaboration, innovation and connection. Employees want places they can collaborate in different ways, booths or areas to sit down and have a cup of coffee, meeting spaces, places introverts can get away, gathering spaces for people to come together in an informal way, lounge spaces to sit and talk. In fact, a fully equipped office lounge area can be the place where great ideas and innovation are born.


Why people prefer office lounge areas

One of the main reasons why people prefer modern office lounge areas is because it offers a home’s comfort together with the office experience. This includes a fast internet connection, printer, coffee breaks, and the all-important water dispenser. According to a recent survey conducted on companies, it was discovered that about 71% of employees across various industries are currently working remotely.

Out of the same number, about 72% are not comfortable working from home due to common reasons like poor internet connectivity, noise, and uncomfortable furniture. However, a high number of the 72% did not choose an office setup to be their favourite place to work. Lounge areas top the list of the best place to work mainly because of the unique office design and furniture that eliminates the monotonous office setup.

According to other research that was conducted on employees between the age of 18 and 34, 34% prefer working from lounge areas. However, only about 25% of these employees have access to these important workspaces. That means the normal office setting that we know may not exist in the future.

Reasons to focus on the common room

There are so many reasons why modern offices should consider having a lounge area, with the main one being that it improves employees productivity. Nevertheless, a common room in an office has a lot to say about the reputation of a company. With the younger employees preferring working in these spaces, breakout or lounge areas have become one way to motivate and encourage employees.

Employees need to take breaks between work, especially if it is the type of work that requires their full attention. A short time out and chatting with colleagues in the communal space will always leave employees feeling refreshed and less stressed. A good laugh relaxing during a coffee break, a powerful chat with a colleague, or just giving people the chance to relax for a short while, knowing that the best performance can be attained when the brain and body are well-rested.

Soft seating office furniture is the best option if you are looking for something to decorate a lounge area. With creative furniture, you will always end up with an impressive office breakout space with modern pieces that can make the space look attractive, that can be configured to fit different spaces and rearranged when you want to perform different activities.

Configurable modular seating

Multi-functional, modular seating offers a completely flexible solution for any breakout area by creating a bespoke piece of furniture that can easily be re-sized to suit any office space. The simple, smart components of modular seating ranges can be used individually or arranged in a variety of dynamic configurations, making them ideal for employees and small groups to relax or meet informally.

Nera, from the Dams Social Spaces portfolio, is one of the most versatile soft seating ranges available, offering a completely flexible solution for any breakout area. The simple, smart components of the Nera range can be used individually or arranged in a variety of dynamic configurations, with a selection of single and double soft seating benches for multiple arrangements. Moreover, modular seating offers the option of changing the parts individual or adding new parts without buying a whole new set of furniture, hence saving from additional costs.

Modular furniture is gaining popularity in the corporate world because of the many benefits it offers to its users. Nera stands out from the crowd as it can be customised not only according to a company’s functional needs, but also their technology needs. Matching Nera coffee tables can play host to drinks or even rest your feet during a break from work.

And technology is the order of the day in any work area and that is why the matching Nera fully upholstered power unit with in-built Pixel power module is ideal for use in any lounge area, allowing quick setup and connections so employees can take their devices with them and pick up where they left off in another working area, or simply take a short break on their phones.

Bring modular office furniture into your workspace

Working behind a desk for over 8 hours can have serious health effects. It isn’t safe for the eyes, back, and general physical health of any human being. By having a lounge area within the office space, you give employees a chance to relax and catch up with colleagues. These comfortable areas can also be used for activities that involve groups such as brainstorming sessions and break times. There’s no need to hold an internal meeting in the boardroom when it can be done in the common room where it’s less tense and less formal.

Employees working in office lounge areas are more productive than those who work in offices without them. This is according to several research papers that have proven that an office lounge area can indeed improve productivity in employees. It’s one of the main reasons why many modern offices keep these spaces. As we all know, the brain and body function much better if they get a good rest. While at work, you may need to take short breaks to disrupt the mind and develop a new perspective.

However, having an office lounge area alone is not enough as it requires an appropriate office design to go with. That means having the right furniture with creative use of different fabrics to add a special charm and elegant simplicity to any communal breakout space. Other than being a good resting place within work, an office lounge area can also be used for activities such as group meetings or as a discussion area between departments working on a project. Bring modular office furniture into your workspace.