Sustainable Procurement Policy

Policy & Statement.

At Dams Furniture Ltd. we recognise the environmental, social, and economic responsibilities that arise from our actions, and we therefore follow sustainable procurement principles in our business pursuits. These values include:

To improve our sustainable procurement performance, we work in close collaboration with our suppliers on the following areas:

Wood and wood-based products:



Textiles and leather:

Padding materials:

Surface coatings:

Glues and adhesives:


To ensure continuous improvement, the Purchasing Director is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of this policy and will ensure that issues relevant to this policy are discussed regularly at the highest level of management.
We will ensure that all employees associated with procurement activities are encouraged to act in accordance with this policy and are given appropriate education and training to do so. This policy will be reviewed annually to consider progress made by our supply chain, changes in industry practice and the requirements of our customers.

Signed on behalf of Dams Furniture Ltd.

Chris Scott
Managing Director
Dams Furniture
Date reviewed: 31/03/2021