Gender Pay Gap Report


 In April 2017, the UK government introduced new gender pay gap reporting legislation (The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017) requiring large employers with more than 250 employees in the UK to calculate and publish their gender pay and gender bonus gaps annually. 

Gender pay and equal pay are two very different measures. 

Equal Pay

Compares the pay of a man and a woman who hold the same roles within a company – it’s an individual comparison. It’s against the law to pay people unequally because of their gender. Equal Pay legislation has been around for more than 40 years.

Gender Pay

Shows the differences in average pay between all men and women within a company – it’s a collective comparison. It’s about gender diversity across all levels. Focused on the diversity of workforce rather than equal pay for similar jobs – a gender pay gap does not mean there’s an equal pay issue.

DAMS Furniture Ltd believes in the fair treatment and reward of all staff. We pay depending on the role and not based on gender. In this report we are publishing our gender pay stats in line with UK government regulations. 

Company Profile

 At the snapshot date (5th April 2021) the company employed 309 people, the split being 79% male and 21% female. 

We continually review our recruitment and retention strategies to ensure they focus on attracting the best talent into key areas. 

Our recruitment materials, sources and practices are structured to avoid any gender bias within the recruitment process. 

We offer salary sacrifice initiatives to support our employees with their childcare requirement. 

Our policies and practises support those who have caring responsibilities.

 Male  Female
Employee split  79%  21%

Our Gender Pay Statistics

Mean Gender Pay Gap:

the difference between the average hourly rate of pay between men and women. We have taken the pay data of all DAMS Furniture’s employees at 5th April 2021. This includes many different roles that have different rates of pay. The mean calculations are also applied to compare bonus pay over a 12 month period from April 2020 to April 2021 

Median Gender Pay Gap:

if all our male employees stood in a line in order of lowest hourly rate of pay to highest, and the female employees did the same. The median gender pay gap is the difference in pay between the male and female employees standing in the middle of their line. 

The same median calculations are done by comparing bonus pay over a 12 month period ending 5th April 2021 

In response to the Corona Virus Pandemic, DAMS put 80% of the workforce on furlough for the first few weeks of the first UK lockdown in March 2020. The majority had returned to the business full time by June 2020 however some remained on furlough until the end of April 2021. Those employees were therefore not ‘Relevant Full Pay Employees’ for this reporting period so their hourly pay rates are not included in the results below. 

The table below shows our overall mean and median gender pay gap based on hourly rates of pay as at the snapshot date (i.e. 5 April 2021) 

Gender Pay Gap – Hourly Rates

 Mean  Median
Hourly Fixed Pay  0.0%  -0.9%

We are confident that men and women are paid equally for equivalent roles. The overall shape of our workforce influences the results. Here at DAMS Furniture, production and warehouse roles are comprised mostly of male employees, whereas the more senior / professional roles within the business are filled by women. 

The table below shows the mean and median differences between bonuses paid to men and women at DAMS Furniture Ltd in the year to 5 April 2021.

Gender Pay Gap – Bonus Payments

 Mean  Median
Bonus Paid  -55.5%  -53.2%

Most furloughed employees had returned to full time work by the end of June 2020 and so had the ability to achieve the criteria of the bonus schemes. All employees who received a bonus in the year to 5 April 2021 are therefore included in the above results. 

The company runs two discrete bonus schemes, the employees included in each scheme have the same opportunity to achieve their full bonus, regardless of their gender;- 

Scheme 1: All employees of DAMS Furniture Ltd are included in a bonus reward scheme after a short probation period. This bonus is paid quarterly based on individuals achieving a basic set of criteria. 

Scheme 2: The sales team are awarded performance bonuses based on achieving pre-determined targets. These incentives are of a higher value than the company-wide scheme. Employees have an equal opportunity to participate in the roles which attract bonus payments. 

As our production and warehousing roles are filled mostly by men, and our sales department consists of mostly women, the results demonstrate that on average, our female employees are achieving a higher level of bonus payment. 

Proportion of colleagues awarded a bonus during the year

The diagram below demonstrates an 5% difference between the number of men and women being paid a bonus during the year 

 Received bonus  Did not receive bonus
Male  81%  19%
Female  86%  14%

Pay Quartiles

All DAMS Furniture’s employees were ranked in order from the lowest paid to the highest paid and then split into four groups. As the split of the workforce is predominantly male, there is a greater proportion of male employees across all levels of our business. 

The table below demonstrates the gender distribution across our business in four quartiles based on pay bands. 

 Male  Female
Lower Quartile  75.8%  24.2%
Lower Middle Quartile  81.8%  18.2%
Upper Middle Quartile  77.3%  22.7%
Upper Quartile  75.8%  24.2%


I confirm that the data reported is accurate 

Emma Hibbs
Finance Director
1st April 2021