Environmental Policy

The objective of Dams Furniture is to manufacture and provide a range of high-quality office-based furniture and related services at a competitive price. To achieve this objective, the organisation will continuously improve and maintain an effective and efficient Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance based upon the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

Dams Furniture Ltd recognises that its business activities interact with the environment in a variety of ways.  These activities have a significant impact in the key areas of:

The organisation recognises that it has a responsibility to help protect the environment wherever it has an opportunity to do so, to be a responsible neighbour, and to provide a comfortable environment for its employees to work in.

As such, the organisation is committed to protect the environment by:

The organisation will achieve these commitments by:

The implementation of this policy is fundamental to the success of the organisation’s business and must be supported by all employees as an integral part of their daily work. This policy is publicly available to interested external parties upon request.

Signed on behalf of Dams Furniture Ltd.

Chris Scott

Position: Managing Director                                                                                                            Date reviewed: 14/06/2023