Silen acoustic hubs

What makes Silen hubs so special? Well, firstly of all they come with retractable castors, so you can move the hubs around wherever you want them. Secondly, they offer the best sound reduction of any acoustic hub on the market, up to 43dB quieter inside. Another reason is that they’re modular and reconfigurable, so you can just add new modules to increase the hub size. And last but not least, there’s some amazing new product innovation!

New to the range are the Silen Hybrid acoustic hubs and Silen Outdoor acoustic hubs. Silen Hybrid hubs have been designed with accessibility in mind, with a wider door that opens and closes automatically and a very low threshold for easy wheelchair entry. Silen Outdoor, as the name suggests, is a new outdoor acoustic hub, where Silen’s signature design and innovative engineering combine to make a cool-looking premium outdoor pod.