Priva Workstations – Angles

The loss of private space and an inability to concentrate in an open plan work area has inspired the design of the Priva angles workstations which can be configured to specific needs and support individual work zones. The rich repertoire of geometric shapes can be positioned to suit defined spaces, allowing individuals to concentrate and complete focused tasks in a private space within the workplace environment.

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There are 3 products in this range All dimensions are in millimeters
Study angular workstation pod
  • Overall Width2000
  • Overall Depth1000
  • Overall Height1500
Hexagonal workstation pod
  • Overall Width1800
  • Overall Depth1600
  • Overall Height1500
Large hexagonal workstation pod
  • Overall Width2000
  • Overall Depth1800
  • Overall Height1500
  • Angled workstation pods available in 2 sizes with a study pod ideal for concentrated work
  • Optional integrated power modules and charging points in the white table tops
  • Individual workspaces which can offer more enclosed privacy when arranged the right way
  • Angles workstations break the traditional “square-cube” stereotype and add a fresh look to the office
  • 2 years Warranty

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