MyDrive, a dynamic, London based business specialising in monitoring software, were struggling for meeting space. As a rapidly expanding company, fast becoming a global leader in data analytics, they soon found their office space lacked the flexibility and agility their growing team required. Being based on the top floor of a restored Victorian leather factory does provide a stunning backdrop, but isn’t always ideal when acoustics are involved!

The brief

The combination of high ceilings and exposed brick walls were creating excess reverberation, compromising the ability to hold the informal meeting sessions that continue to increase as the MyDrive team grows. The aim was to provide a Hushhub (3m x 2m) to work acoustically within a double height office conversion, creating an area within a large multi-functional space to provide acoustic privacy and confidentiality.

The customer was very specific in their requirements and specified that the hub was to achieve a balanced aesthetic that works together with both the industrial structure and contemporary office furniture. Natural ventilation would be provided by the unique acoustic canopy which allows hot air to escape and cold high pressure air to be drawn into the Hushhub along the underside of the frame.

What we did

The size and shape of this 3m x 2m acoustic office pod makes it big enough to accommodate a table and chairs for a wide variety of uses. It creates an ideal breakout area, suitable for one-to-one meetings or personal conversations, providing confidential privacy. It can be an effective, quiet workspace when office noise becomes too much of a distraction. It can also be used for small group meetings or video conferencing due to the integrated power and data options available.

Hushhubs are acoustically superior to other aluminium frame hubs which are available. Solid oak is a natural blocker of sound and the acoustic panels are designed to absorb noise. The most important factor determining the ability of a wall system to absorb transmitted sound is its mass per surface area. There is no such thing as an ultra–lightweight, high efficiency acoustic partition. The Hushhub has a very high mass per surface area which is higher than similar structures.

The vanguards of workplace design (technology-based companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon) are investing heavily in biophilic design in the workplace and many forward-thinking companies such as MyDrive are following suit. Quite simply, they recognise the importance of health and well-being in attracting and maintaining the best employees. Natural light, natural colours and natural products all work together to create the optimum environment for productivity and creativity, which also has a positive effect on people’s physical and mental health, performance and well-being.

The results

The 3m x 2m Hushhub installed at MyDrive delivered an acoustically superior meeting room where their designers can collaborate in small groups, undistracted by the sounds of the larger office. After testing there was an improved reverberation time within the ‘Innovation Room’ of 0.4 seconds – a huge improvement on the reverberation time of 2-3 seconds in the larger office.

The seamless integration of a widescreen video conference facility within the neat acoustic panels also allowed for a presentation and meeting space which was very important for technologically based, dynamic company such as MyDrive. Another happy customer!

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